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Registration with the Medical Board of Trinidad & Tobago is contingent on the applicant's fulfillment of the necessary requirements. All applicants must possess a medical degree from an established Medical Educational Institution. Please refer to the list of Traditional Universities recognised by MBTT. The deadline for applicants for all types of registration is 12:00pm the Friday before the next scheduled Regular Monthly Meeting.

Please note that the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) is not a recognised medical degree

Also, all applicants must comply with item no. 4 of the Schedule to the Medical Board Act of 1960 in order to be considered for registration with the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago.

"4. The World Directory of Medical Schools (where the accreditation status is recognised by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago)."

All international applicants must pay a non-refundable processing fee of $100.00 USD or $630.00 TTD. Nationals of Trinidad & Tobago and graduates of the University of the West Indies are exempt from this payment.

Overview on the Types of Registration

All categories of Registration have been ammended effective August 11th 2005.

As per the decision taken by Council on the 11th August 2005, all classes of registration will be subject to the implementation of the IELTS exam

The IELTS or International English Language Testing System, is now a Registration requirement if

  • the applicant's native tongue IS NOT ENGLISH
  • AND

  • the medium of instruction at the University, where the applicant has earned the medical degree, IS NOT IN ENGLISH
  • The IELTS criteria is applicable across all classes of Registration


Brief Outline

Provisional Registration

Provisional Registration Chart
available to graduates of recognised medical universities/colleges who wish to pursue internship. Note requirements vary based on the educational institution that the medical degree was obtained.

List of Requirements

Application Form

Temporary Registration

Temporary Registration Chart

available to graduates of recognised medical universities who have completed internship but are not eligible for Full registration. Sub-categories include Temporary Academic, Temporary Conditional and Special Temporary Registration

List of Requirements

Application Form

Full Registration

Full Registration Chart

available to graduates of recognised medical insitutions and U.S. or U.K. specialists. Fully registered Members of GMC or Irish Medical Graduates are eligible to apply for this category. Doctors with Full Registration with MBTT can register post-graduate qualifications

List of Requirements

Application Form

Upon registration (with the exception of Special Temporary Registration) all doctors are required to read MBTT's Code of Ethics.

Medical Practitioners with Full Registration can practice medicine privately and in public health institutions. Such doctors are considered members of the Board and therefore eligible to campaign for a position on the Council, as well as register Specialist and Additional Diploma qualifications

Instructions for completing Application forms for Registration.

The Applicant fills out the front page up to and including the Signature and Date,

and the back of the form up to and including Signature and Date.

The Certificate of Good Character ( inner left page) is completed by a Physician registered to practice medicine in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Certificate of Identity ( inner right page) is completed by another Physician registered to practice medicine in Trinidad & Tobago.

Also submit two passport size photographs. The Physician who completed the Certificate of Identity must also insert the italized sentence (refer to the Application form) at the back of each photograph. He/She must also date and sign the backs of the photographs.

Applications must also be accompanied by certified photocopies of some form of photographic identification.

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