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To register a complaint against medical practitioner, you'll need:

  • to complete the Complaint Form with dates and as detailed as possible in a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Council of the Medical Board of Trinidad & Tobago.

  • to supply evidence of office/hospital visit (if possible)- this can be a receipt, prescription, medical report that confirms the office visit.

These documents should be mailed or hand delivered to:

The Secretary

Medical Board of Trinidad & Tobago

Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

Uriah Butler Highway

Champs Fleurs, Trinidad

Addressing Complaints from the Public

On receiving a complaint the Council reviews all documents supplied and requests all participating parties to comment on the complaint. Based on responses provided the Council determines if the alleged offense contravenes the Medical Board Act. All complaints are confidential.

The Council of the Medical Board of Trinidad & Tobago is limited in the actions that can be taken against a medical practitioner. Any criminal complaints ( eg. sexual assault, murder) must be brought to the attention of the Director of Public Prosecution (D.P.P.).

The Council Agreed that members of the public are entitled to view the Register of Medical Practitioners on payment of $1.00 (see form enclosed). However, this request must be done in writing by the person requesting to view said Register and a mutual appointment would then be established between the two (2) parties i.e. a representative of the MBTT (Member of Council) and the person requesting to view the Register.

All active medical practitioners must be licensed to practice. Members of the general public may enquire about a physician's registered qualifications and standing in the Medical Board.

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