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Medical Practitioners with Temporary Registration may pursue employment in one of the following health institutions in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt. Hope
  • Mt. Hope Maternity Hospital
  • St. Ann's Hospital, St. Anns
  • Port-of-Spain General Hospital, Port-of-Spain
  • San Fernando General Hospital, San Fernando
  • Tobago Regional Hospital, Scarborough, Tobago
  • Point Fortin Area Hospital, Point Fortin
  • St. James Medical Complex, St. James
  • Caura Hospital
  • Sangre Grande County Hospital, Sangre Grande
  • Caribbean Epidemiological Centre (C.A.R.E.C.)
  • Queen's Park Counseling Center
  • All District Health Facilities (effective August 2011)
  • National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) (effective September 2018)

The rule(s) governing holders of Temporary Registration -

    (1) holders of Temporary Registration will be allowed to work in a recognized institution for a maximum period of two (2) years

Please be advised that further registration (i.e. Full Registration) can only be considered where the place of practice of medicine is permissible.

Once a Temporarily Registered Doctor has successfully completed THREE years of legitimate employment then he/ she may apply for Full Registration. Full Registration entitles a medical practitioner to private practice.

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